Let me try to use English

Tonight, I went to a favorite restrunt with one of my best Italian friends. I drunk beer too much and I talked too much in English. Now My brain is still English mode. So I try to write diary in English this time. Recently It turned out that I cound think something not in Japanese but in English. So, let me try to write in English without thinking. I'm glad you to correct my poor English, don't critisize it, please. Otherwise I'll be disappointed at my English.

From this year we, our school, changed our program so much. I knew it at the beginning of this year. Of course I was surprised at listening to it, because stuffs had not prepared anything for new program yet, althoght school started. Can you image? So stupid. Because I don't have enought information about new program, I coundn't object so much. (but even if I had, I don't have any authority to change their mind. I could just comment to them)

After then I tried to get much information about new courses. And at last I got enough information so that I could explain how stupid. Then yesterday we had a meeting. And I objected the plan and suggested a new plan.


I gave up checking what I wrote in English.

Every Thuesday I have this lesson after working before dinner. As usual today I had a English lesson with an American who is wife of that Italian. So, I tried to use English.
by yuma0310 | 2008-01-30 05:40 | マラウイ~言語